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The Affordable Care Act requires plans and issuers that offer dependent child coverage to make the coverage available until a child reaches the age of 26. Both married and unmarried children qualify for this coverage. This rule applies to all plans in the individual market and to all employer plans. Jan 31, 2017 · Young Adult Coverage. Under current law, if your plan covers children, you can now add or keep your children on your health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old. Children can join or remain on a parent's plan even if they are: Married. Not living with their parents. Attending school. Not financially dependent on their parents.Author: Assistant Secretary For Public Affairs (ASPA).

Get covered — or pay a fee. Under the health care law, you must have qualifying health coverage or pay a penalty on your next federal tax return. The penalty in 2016 is 2.5% of household income or $695 per adult (half of that per child), whichever is higher. The penalty rises yearly with inflation. Dependent Disabled Adults: Continuation of Private Health Care Coverage Most states have laws which allow parents to continue health plan coverage for their disabled adult children, even past the point at which a child’s eligibility for dependent coverage would normally terminate because of their age.

Dependent (Adult Child) Coverage Summary Plans that provide coverage for dependents are required to extend the coverage of dependents to age 26, regardless of their eligibility for other insurance coverage. Young Adults and the Affordable Care Act: Protecting Young Adults and Eliminating Burdens on Families and Businesses. Plans and issuers that offer dependent coverage must offer coverage to enrollees’ adult children until age 26, even if the young adult no longer lives with his or her parents, is not a dependent on a parent’s tax return.

Jun 01, 2011 · Dependent Coverage. Child age 26 or older who is continuously disabled from a cause originating prior to age 26. In addition, for tax years in which the child is age 27 or above, eligible to be claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes by the employee. Adult Veteran Child (non-IRS). Unmarried adult child age 26 up to, but not including, age 30. Under the Young Adult Dependent Coverage Law, health insurance policies and HMO contracts that provide dependent coverage must allow coverage for young adults who: 1. Are under age 26 (or age 30 for military veterans*); 2. Are unmarried; and 3. Meet other eligibility requirements that may apply.