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The need for better, more effective evaluation of adult literacy programs and practices has been recognized for some time. Because adult literacy programs are different from the traditional school programs that teach children to read and write, they cannot be evaluated in the same way (Foster 1988; "Myth #7: Literacy Programs Are Fail-Safe" 1988). A great deal of attention has been focused on adult literacy by policy makers, employers, unions, and state and federal government. An increasing body of work is challenging conventional assumptions and values related to literacy. The National Literacy Act of 1991 has the potential to develop an essential long-term infrastructure. Some basic questions must be addressed.Cited by: 15.

Oct 28, 2014 · The TEC have updated their website with a handy list of the adult literacy and numeracy initiatives including funds that they have developed and support currently. I've pasted the whole thing in below including hyperlinks. The original page is here. For those of you working on your NCALNE (Voc) professional development, this information is relevant for. AEL; TANF Adult Education and Literacy Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Eligibility— Update. RESCISSIONS: AEL Letter 01-15. 05/14/15 Rescinded and replaced by AEL Letter 06-18 02-15. AEL; TWIST Adult Education and Literacy Incentive Awards. Includes Attachments: 1: Employer Partnership Adult Education and Literacy Incentive Awards.

Project Update: PNG Adult Literacy. Rudy Dawarinai and her mother. Here is an inspiring story about Rudy Dawarinai, one of the literacy learners, whose life has been transformed through the Adult Literacy project in PNG. ABM proudly partners with the Anglican Church of PNG and Anglicare PNG to support this project through the Church Partnership. Program Year 2014–2015 Adult Education and Literacy Program 5-Percent Performance Allocation Holdbacks—Update Attachment: Summary of Changes to Adult Education and Literacy Performance-Based Funding Measures; AEL; Fiscal-Admin: Apr 24, 2015: AEL 07-14: Program Year 2014–2015 Adult Education and Literacy Program 5-Percent Performance.