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May 21, 2014 · There are some atrial cardiomyocyte cell lines, like HL-1 and AT-1 cells derived from mouse atrial tumors; however, there are no adult ventricular cardiomyocyte cell lines available for research. Primary cell cultures of adult mouse cardiomyocytes provide a powerful model for heart research at the cellular and molecular levels.Cited by: 24. Oct 31, 2016 · Malliaras, K. et al. Cardiomyocyte proliferation and progenitor cell recruitment underlie therapeutic regeneration after myocardial infarction in the adult mouse heart. EMBO Mol. Med. 5, Cited by: 183.

neuronal tissue within the heart [23,24]. The precise anatomical localization of Pnmt-expressing cells within the cardiac atria and ventricles has not been described previously. In the present study, we explore the distribution of adrenergic-derived cells within the adult mouse heart. To accomplish this. Although different kinds of mouse fibroblasts have been used in co-cultures (embryonic, skin and cardiac fibroblasts) adult mouse cardiac fibroblasts (AMCFs) create the closest microenvironment to the adult murine heart for culturing adult mouse cardiac progenitor cells.

Figure. Fate mapping of Sca1 + cells in cardiac homeostasis and after injuries. A, Schematic figure showing the knockin strategy for generation of Sca1-2A-CreER allele.B, Immunostaining for Sca1 and tdTomato on Sca1-2A-CreER;R26-tdTomato heart section collected at 24 to 48 hours after tamoxifen induction.C, Quantification of the percentage of Sca1 + cells in tdTomato + cells.Cited by: 2. Jun 13, 2006 · Cardiac stem cells (CSCs) have been identified in the adult heart, but the microenvironment that protects the slow-cycling, undifferentiated, and self-renewing CSCs remains to be determined. We report that the myocardium possesses interstitial structures with the architectural organization of stem cell niches that harbor long-term BrdU-retaining cells.Cited by: 655.

Jun 17, 2019 · Isolation of single cardiomyocyte from adult mouse heart by Langendorff perfusion was performed as previously described. Briefly, hearts were perfused with collagenase type II (catalog no Author: Feifei Fan, Yaoyun Duan, Feili Yang, Christa Trexler, Hong Wang, Lei Huang, Yali Li, Huayuan Tang, G. Dissociation of adult mouse heart using the Multi Tissue Dissociation Kit 2. Unless otherise speciffcally indicated, all Miltenyi Biotec products and serices page 2/2 SP0106.02 are or research use only and not or diagnostic or therapeutic use. 7. Invert C Tube and place it with the cap down. To maximize cell.