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Be willing to hear your sibling's point of view and listen to her without judging. In addition, look for your part in the problem. For example, if your sibling feels left out year after year because you ask your parents to dinner on both Mother's Day and Father's Day without considering her, offer suggestions to help her feel included. Mar 09, 2015 · Friction between adult siblings has traditionally not been of great interest to clinicians, or the culture at large, Was the “problem” sibling being truly hostile.

Adult sibling relationships in families are like the weather—stormy at times, defying predictability, and disruptive. It may be that you have a distant relationship with a sister. Perhaps you and your brother are estranged. Maybe you have a sibling who is taking advantage of your parents, or is displaying the symptoms of addictive behavior. Dec 29, 2014 · As an adult, you have choices, from leaving the room to finding your moment to shine elsewhere. What to do: If your sibling’s behavior really bugs you, see if another family member will intervene. If the family is part of the problem (they’ve always focused on her and acted as if you were invisible), tell them how you feel.Author: Claire Sulmers.

WebMD discusses common sibling relationship problems like sibling rivalry, jealousy, and fighting, and how to help your kids get along.Author: Stephanie Watson.