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adult spanking needed in florida - Can I Be Charged with Child Abuse in Florida for Spanking My Child?

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Please. don't post flames or blunt hate propaganda ; don't post the same message more than once in 2 days (spam) don't start more than 6 new threads in a day (mailbombing) don't post forgeries.; don't post any messages or materials about spanking r/l children by adults . Given Florida’s strong laws against child abuse and domestic violence (which covers violence against any family member, not just spouses or significant others), can you be charged with a crime for spanking your child in Florida? Florida Law Allows for Spanking – Unless It Results in “Harm.” Spanking or other discipline of a child that.

will cater a session to suit your particular needs. From a hand spanking ‘over the knee’ (OTK) to heavy corporal punishment, Strict Jane’s expertise is relevant for all spanking enthusiasts. Her natural empathy will ensure that you feel safe and cared-for, even as your bottom warms and reddens under her purposeful hand. Madeline Rommely Adult Disciplinarian [email protected]: Home Except for a few days during Thanksgiving and Christmas I will be available in Minneapolis for your spanking needs throughout the holiday season. my determination to give a painful spanking coupled with my enjoyment of the reciprocal sting on my hand tends to lead to.

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