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experience is required for the methods courses in the Elementary licensure program: Developmental reading, Corrective Reading, LA and SS Methods, and the Math/Science methods course. During all Clinical courses, the candidate will be required to work within a school for the duration of the school day(3-4 consecutive full days). Reading 0304 is a three-hour competency based course designed to improve reading skills and comprehension. This course requires that the student demonstrate the ability to comprehend materials written at the eighth level of difficulty on skills tests and a multiple-choice final exam. The course involves guided practice and individual.

1 Developmental Reading II Course Syllabus COURSE TITLE Developmental Reading II COURSE NUMBER REA 0017 PREREQUISITES Score on Placement Test CREDIT HOURS 3- Institutional Credit CONTACT HOURS CLASS MEETING TIMES CLASS METHOD 45 Tues/Thurs from 7:30 pm-9: 15 pm Lecture/Lab INSTRUCTOR Nicolas W. Wright Adjunct Offices (C 205) Phone (305) 731 6696. You will find full course descriptions in this Curriculum Guide, along with Student Learning Outcomes, Specific Objectives, Suggested Teaching Times, Entry-Level Competencies, and a Sample Syllabus. The Placement Team that follows us will use the Entry-Level Competencies in developing a .

developmental education in their area(s) of deficiency. English 0300 fulfills the developmental requirement for both reading and writing. Evaluation in the course will be based on reading activities, quizzes, essays, in-class writing, and an exit essay/exam. You will earn a P in this course if you have completed assignments with an average of 70. REA 0001 develops reading and thinking skills that are necessary for success in college classes. This course will emphasize critical (inferential), rather than literal, reading skills. Due to the emphasis on critical comprehension, this course is as much a course in thinking as it is in reading.