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Oct 20, 2014 · Moose are formidable opponents with sharp hooves that can kick with tremendous force, but even they have predators. A pack of wolves or a black bear is no match for a healthy adult . Moose range map Synonyms; Cervus alces Linnaeus, 1758. The moose (North America) or elk (Eurasia), Alces alces, is a member of the New World deer subfamily and is the largest and heaviest extant species in the deer family.Moose are distinguished by the broad, palmate (open-hand shaped) antlers of the males; other members of the deer family have antlers with a dendritic ("twig-like") configuration.Class: Mammalia.

Most adult moose are about six feet tall. Some bulls and cows, though, may get a little taller. Go. Caribou Plural Nouns Definitions Animal Life Cows and Cattle Pronouns All Topics. Moose. Moose are so tall that they prefer to browse higher grasses and shrubs because lowering their heads to ground level can be difficult. In winter they eat shrubs and pinecones, but they also scrape.

While moose aren’t common in New York, more people are being treated to the sight of these impressive animals as their numbers slowly increase, especially in northeastern New York. The largest member of the deer family, adult male (bull) moose average 6 feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds; females (cows) are. Nov 19, 2009 · Is this moose real or is it fake? You decide and let me know. If it's for real, you will never see me going through any Canadian forest! LOL!!!

Alaska moose have a similar diet to other moose subspecies, consisting of terrestrial vegetation forbs and shoots from trees such as willow and birch. Alaska moose require a daily intake of 9770 kilocalories (32 kg). Alaska moose lack upper front teeth but have eight sharp incisors on their lower jaw.Class: Mammalia. A full-grown bull moose (male) weighs from 800 to 1200 pounds. The smaller adult cow (female) is about 2/3 as large (600 to 800 lbs.). Moose stand 5 to 6.5 feet tall at the shoulder and are 7.5 to 10 feet in length. They have a short tail, 2.5 to 3.5 inches.