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Oct 17, 2017 · Rules for your little Sign in to follow this. Followers 4. While it's great you have some fun rules regarding your littles naughty bits you still need some more rules regarding behavior and possibly safety. A baby shouldn't have to worry about it, babies rarely care about such things, so to me it should be your job. Make it into a good. Being an Adult Baby is meant to create an stress free environment, not one that causes heart ache. Mommy believes in the 5 New Rules a Week Outline. Learn not memorize. Ask Mommy/ Daddy questions and yes little babies have reasons, why you can't do a rule. (If you are not ready for the rule because your adult job makes it hard, Tell mommy).

1: You are not allowed to adjust your diaper in any way or remove it. 2: You have to drink and/or eat everything that is given to you, without complaining. 3: You have to say out loud and intelligibly when you need to use your diaper, even in public. Regular checks will be performed, any unannounced wetting will be punished. 4: You are not allowed to ask to be changed or to complain about the. Adult Baby Club: A safe place for AB's, Diaper Lovers and their admirers to hang out and enjoy themselves. Our club rules! Please always try to follow them when at our club!

Being unattached isn't always a negative thing. Sometimes it's good to focus on yourself, your needs, and your own life journey. Being without a Caregiver can feel stressful or even downright scary at times; however, this guide offers some ways of self-comfort while still being your true inner self. Is Being an Adult Baby / Diaper Lover OK? Perhaps the greatest need for Adult Babies and/or Diaper Lovers (ABDLs) is that of acceptance. An ABDL may spend years, or decades learning to accept him or herself. He (or she) may conceal these desires from family, friends, wife, and .

Mama Jenn’s Manual for Mommies and Daddies of Adult Babies. This manual was created for new parents of Adult Babies in the hope that they will understand the needs of their infantine charges. If the needs of both the parent and the baby can be met, then the relationship will be pleasing and happy for both parent and baby. If living harmoniously is your goal, here are four rules for adult children living at home. Pour a glass and make sure there’s ink in your printer.