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In this article, surgeons from the Combined Orthopaedics Residency Program at Harvard Medical School put together a review of the evaluation and management of Scheuermann’s kyphosis for adults. They included discussion of who is affected, cause of the disease, pathogenesis (what happens with this condition), and clinical presentation (signs and symptoms). Scheuermann's Disease Prognosis? The pain from active Scheuermann’s Disease will eventually pass and for the majority of people, they will have no further trouble from their thoracic vertebrae. Some people will have reduced range of movement and if the disease caused significant kyphosis (bend) then they can get ongoing postural issues.

May 22, 2019 · Scheuermann's disease, also called Scheuermann's kyphosis or Scheuermanns juvenile kyphosis is a structural deformity that occurs usually in the thoracic spine—but sometimes in the lumbar spine—of adolescents between the age of 12 and 15.The hallmark of Scheuermann's Disease is a noticeable deformity.