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MG Midget, Sprite, 1275cc Rebuilt Engine, Mild APT Cam, ARP Hardware,.040" 9.1:1. Listed for an MG Midget or Austin Healey Sprite is an original rebuilt 1275cc engine. Crankshaft has been magnafluxed and polished and is a std/std crankshaft. Cylinder head has all new intake and exhaust valves, valve guides, and valve springs. 1275cc Rebuilt Motor, Mg Midget, Sprite, & Morris Minor 1275cc Rebuilt Motor, Mg Midget, Sprite, & Morris Minor $6495.95 1275cc High Performance Engine For Sprite, Mg Midget And Morris Minor Cars $5169.95 1380 Cc Performance Sprite, In this video our Engine Builder, Tony, is testing a rebuilt 1275cc Sprite engine by running it on a.

Other engine projects at EPRE vary from the rebuilding and updating of 900 hp turbocharged race engine for GTP vintage racing, Cosworth DF Formula One and Indy engines and Cosworth XD Indy engine for vintage racing to the design evaluation of a motorcycle engine and contributing to the development of road racing engines for use in South America. Skiptune have been building road and competition engines for the MG Midget, Austin Healey Sprite, MGB, MGA and Mini for over 30 years. All our engines are machined and built to order in our own workshop and are not supplied directly from an engine factory. You can rest assured that all our road engines are built to the same exacting standards as our competition engines, using only the highest.

BMC 1275 cc A-Series Engine Rebuild. Steve Maas Long Beach, California, USA December, 2008. I bought a used 1275 cc MG Midget engine (a 12V, probably made between 1972 and 1974) with the thought of putting it into my Sprite. this is a complete rebuilt performance motor in every aspect! with 0.40 over pistons,connecting rods sized,crankshaft is cut. 020 on connecting rods and. 010 on main bearing. engine block has been acid tanked and the deck is perfect.

rebuilt engine 1275cc long motor sprite midget morris minor If you've been wanting to upgrade to a 1275 or your existing 1275 is just plain tired, you'll be interested in this! Our rebuilt 1275 long engines are complete from sump to valve cover and are rebuilt with all new or reconditioned parts including rocker assembly, pistons, oil pump. This is a complete Major Engine Kit for a MGB's 1972 to 1980 with the 18V Engine. These engines use the Press Fit style pistons and the short tappets (lifters). Over the years we have found what it takes to truly rebuild the lower end of your MGB. We a.